An exhibition of high imagination, inspired by mystery. Local, national and international artists penetrate the veil of seeming with fantastic representations of The Unknowable. 

"The mystery of our existence is oft dismissed, with humour, and an air of feigned omniscience. Yet *All That Is and Could Ever Be* remains a timeless enigma in this measured moment - the very ferment of love and life, just outside the grasp of intellectual analysis.

Have we the humility to embrace the vastness of The Unknowable? (TREMENDUM)

The imagination to be inspired by its uncertainty? (FASCINANS)

When a fearless gaze into this well of darkness meets its rippling reflection, infinite possibilities shimmer, a universe of stars, potential metamorphoses invite us to become..."


Roku Sasaki
Dean Fleming
Carrie Anne Baade
Otto Rapp
Liba Stambollion
Miguel Tio
Crystal Babre
Patricia Ariel
Jeff Mihalyo
Meesha Goldberg
Don Farrell
Yvette Endrijautzki
Betty Burgoyne
William Fahey
Marlene Seven Bremner

Opening Reception:
Thursday, December 8, 6-10PM
Refreshments served.

Show runs through January 8


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