This month we'll be hanging art focusing on the fun, messy and technical medium of screen printing. FINE MESH gets it's name from the process of transferring images onto almost any surface or textile by forcing ink through a prepared screen of fine material - usually silk or nylon. Famous gig posters and band t-shirts are often produced this way and give the artwork a definite 'hand-made' feel. 

Join us for the opening reception on Thursday, November 12th from 6-10pm to meet the artists, mingle and enjoy some refreshments. 

Featured Artists:
Ally Creighton, Nicole Mills, James Stipes, Kerstin Gaurdins, Battershell, Donica Ida, 
Klint Flentge, Riley Hoonan, Curt Ashby, Glenn Newcomer, Derek Vander Griend, Amy Huber and many more.