Love Machine


"It's the center of our being. It's the force that drives us when logic and reason have failed us. It's consumed with passion when we're in love and guides our passion as we hone our craft. It provides the beat to the music in our head, "Love Machine."

The collaboration portion of this show is a long overdue partnership with some of Seattle's premiere artists. Each tryst will be stimulated by the many facets of love. The insight brought to each encounter will be a challenge to Solace's normal parameters of style. Artists 179, 10HUN, Megon Shoreclay, Ego, George Long, and Joe Vollan have all consented to some creative companionship.

Opening Reception:
Thursday, February 11 6-10PM
Music by Neon Trotsky & Jimi Jaxon

Wine, beer, and snacks.
Show runs through March 6.